Rascal Veo Sport

The Rascal Veo Sport features a modern, sporty design with excellent all-round suspension. It is available with a battery upgrade to 22Ah, affording a range of up to 13.5 miles. The Veo Sport’s easy take apart mechanism allows you to store or drive away with it in the boot of your car. With a luxury seat and padded delta tiller, the Veo Sport is a real pleasure to ride.
  • Type Class – B / 2
  • Overall length – 108cm / 42.5”
  • Overall width – 60cm / 23.6”
  • Maximum carrying capacity – 129.2kg / 20 stone
  • Maximum speed – 6.4km/h / 4mph
  • Maximum kerb height – 5cm / 2”
  • Range – up to 21km / 13.5 miles
Optional extras:
  • Also available with pneumatic tyres
  • Lightweight option available with 14Ah batteries offering a range of up to 11.5 miles


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