Ceiling Track & Gantry Equipment

Invadex have developed a range of tracking hoists which can be combined with Wispa track and accessories to create a bespoke system meeting the unique requirements of each user. Our experienced surveyors are able to design schemes from simple bed to chair, chair to WC transfers through to entire room coverage providing numerous pick up points. Each range has been subject to rigorous safety and reliability testing in line with ISO 10535, and carries the CE mark in accordance with the Medical Devices Directive 93/42/EEC.

Maximum Load Wispa Range

  • WispaLite portable hoist 200kg (31 stone) (440lb)
  • 100 Plus 130kg (20 stone) (280lb)
  • 100 Turbo 200kg (31 stone) (440lb)
  • 100 Max 272kg (42 stone) (598lb)

Mobile Gantry Hoists
Free Standing Gantry System has been designed to provide a stable and safe, portable hoist track for use when a fixed ceiling track is not available.

Manufactured from lightweight yet incredibly strong aluminium, the gantry is easy to erect without the need for tools by one or two persons and is suitable for use with the CP200 Portable Track Hoist as well as being compatible with other portable hoists with QRS connectors. It is ideal for transferring individuals from a bed or chair into a wheelchair or onto a commode in a dignified and safe manner. Without the need for structural alterations to the ceiling or room, the Free Standing Gantry System offers a cost-effective solution for transfers and comes with an extensive 1-year warranty.